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You Know You\'re Norwegian When...
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EMNE: You Know You\'re Norwegian When...

You Know You\'re Norwegian When... 15 år, 10 måneder siden #1771

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You assume that a stranger on the street who smiles at or greets you is:
a) drunk.
b) insane.
c) an American.
d) All of the above.

You vigorously defend whaling and enjoy consuming whale meat.

You enjoy the taste of lutefisk (jelly-like, bad-smelling fish) and cod prepared in any way, including fried cod tongues.

You can prepare fish in five different ways without cooking it.

You don\'t question the habit of always preparing a \"matpakke\" (sandwich in paper).

You have two cars, a cabin and a boat, if not more.

You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

It feels natural to wear sport clothes and backpack everywhere, including the cinema, bowling alley, and to church.

You are think it\'s weird if a house isn\'t wooden.

You know at least five different words for describing different textures of snow.

You don\'t fall when walking on ice.

You earn more than you spend.

You associate Easter with cross-country skiing with friends and family in the familys mountain cabin.

You are shocked if it\'s not 2 months of snow every year, at least!

You can see mountains and the ocean, no matter where you are.

You expect all dinner parties and meetings to start precisely on time, if not before.

You fall 3 metres, and don\'t get hurt. If you do, you\'re not worried at all.

You haven\'t heard of \"fast-food\".

You can\'t understand why foreigners haven\'t heard about Bjørn Dæhlie.

You\'re proud to be Norwegian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Norwegian friends!
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