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Motor replacement
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EMNE: Motor replacement

Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2029

Hi Guys,

I recently got my hands on a L3315 from Sweden, which i imported to Denmark. I have repaired loads of stuff already, but 2 days ago the engine began a horrible sound. I suspect that I have used a wrong oil, that have ruined the bearings between the crankshaft and the piston rods.


I have decided to find a newer engine, and wonder what engines I can use? Can I go for a newer B20 or perhaps a diesel engine of some sort?

The fuel economy has been around 5.6 km/liter in this engine. And this is when driving sensibly in the city. Is this fuel economy normal?

Any advice are welcomed.

Kind regards

Jesper Taxbol
Copenhagen, Denmark

Re:Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2030

  • Trond
  • Moderator
  • Innlegg: 1523
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I don\'t think you have ruined your engine. As long as you didn\'t run it without any oil at all, it shouldn\'t get damaged.
Sounds like your engine was allready poor when you bought it.

You can use Volvo B18 or B20 without any modification. I use B20 myself (with a \"green\" top).
B21 and B230 is possible, but then you\'ll have to move the wall betveen the engine and the passanger seat. Quite a big job..

I think I would go for B20.

You can allso use Merchedes MB240 Diesel.
To use that, you\'ll need to buy an adapter for the transfer box. They cost about 2000-2500 DKK.

5,6km/l is about 1,8 liters/mile ..way too much. Old and poor engines would use that.

The normal is 1,4-1,5 liters/mile (7,1km/l)

Re:Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2033

  • Gabus
  • Senior Boarder
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Hi Jesper
Check the fixing bolts for the fan/pulley on the waterpump. If those are loose, it sounds like the engine are dying..... I had that once, and it started suddenly.

Re:Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2034


I tried removing the V-belt to take the waterpump out of the system, but it did not help. The sound is still there.

I am keen on looking into the diesel conversion of the valp. Is there anybody online that has done that? Perhaps some sort of description. eg: What specific mercedes engines there can be used, and how the mod is performed?


Re:Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2037

  • EKJ
  • Junior Boarder
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It could be your crankshaft and camshaft sprockets that are worn, the plastic type sprockets can get bad after so many years of duty....

Re:Motor replacement 16 år, 11 måneder siden #2039

  • Trond
  • Moderator
  • Innlegg: 1523
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You can use Mercedes 240 D ( OM 616 ) or Mercedes 220D, or even VW Passat Turbodiesel. You need adapters for the one you choose.
Click here for info about adapters
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